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Modell KameraBike

Type CameraBike

Our rigging bike for special driving shots

The CameraBike is a specialized rickshaw designed to support film and television productions in capturing moving objects, such as cyclists, runners, or pedestrians. The cameraman has a 360-degree panoramic view and can film from various angles, including in front of, behind, and next to the subject. The CameraBike is designed based on conventional rigging cars or quads and can be equipped with Mannesmann tubes all around. These tubes allow for the attachment of various equipment, including Steadicam arms, gimbals, Euro cones, lighting, and sound equipment.

The vehicle is operated similarly to a bicycle or cargo bike and is supported by an electric motor. The rear part of the vehicle serves as a working platform for a cameraman or photographer and provides ample space for equipment. Depending on the configuration and shooting situation, there may be room for one or two extra people, such as a camera assistant, director, or sound technician.

Technical data

  • Range up to 80 km/day of use
  • Maximum speed: up to 25 km/h
  • Average speed: 2-15 km/h
  • Payload approx. 250 kg


  • mobile film productions
  • Camera truck
  • Camera vehicle
  • Camera bike
  • Camera rickshaw
  • Camera bike for TV production
  • Load bike for filming
  • Loading bike for TV productions

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